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orangery and conservatories in Wirral

Solid roof on your orangery or conservatory

Building a conservatory is an exciting project for any homeowner. A room that offers both protection from the outside environment and beautiful views of the landscape, it’s no wonder why many people are opting to add this addition to their home. However, building a conservatory can be quite costly and time-consuming. You may also want to consider if you are going with a solid roof (tiled) or the standard plastic version. It is easy these days (and better in a lot of circumstances) to replace your roof with a solid one which will then allow you to use the room all year round. Such a company is Pure Conservatories based in Wirral who specialise in solid roof conservatories for example. Take a look at these steps before you start your next project!


– Planning your conservatory

– Getting building permits and planning permission – Finding the perfect design for your property

– Choosing flooring, ceilings, and walls that are appropriate to your needs. For example, if you live in a humid climate it is important to choose materials such as metal or tile which will not corrode over time. The same goes for cold climates where glass may be more advantageous due to its insulating qualities. Regardless of what you decide on, make sure to factor in payback costs when comparing different options (for instance; how long does it take until money saved from energy bills outweighs the cost?)

– Hiring an experienced contractor who can provide a detailed budget plan that will additional suit the size and style of your home.

– Factor in the costs of building materials and furnishings.

Conservatory vs orangery

Is it better to build an orangery or a conservatory? An orangery contains more brickwork than glass whereas a conservatory lets more light in (arguably) and can get colder quicker.

Installing a solid roof to your conservatory

Depending on the style of your conservatory, you may need to install a solid roof instead of glass in order for enough light to get through.

A well-built conservatory can last up to decades and provide an attractive addition or even replacement for windows during inclement weather when they become foggy or frosted over.

It is important that the building location is not too close to trees since leaves will likely accumulate which could lead to dampness issues with condensation. The further away from any other buildings it is the better (in terms of heat retention). If there are large gaps between walls then insulation should be added internally as well as externally as this helps keep ambient temperature balanced all year round without creating draughts.

Carpet Cleaning in Liverpool & More

Here’s another case in point.

If you were looking for example for carpet cleaning Liverpool would you go for the guy at the top or the one with the best reviews?

If you are promoting your own company then you are probably spending more time focusing upon your website than working with your customers, the problem here is that you have to work on your marketing in order to get customers but what happens when you stop?

If your competitors are having fits and stops where they are promoting themselves and then moving on to actually doing the work in their customers homes then the whole industry is somewhat flawed.

So what happens if you assign this task of promotion to somebody who can do it all of the time?

Well the first thing you would need to consider if obviously the cost of doing this as it may cost you a few hundred pound per month for this outside service, especially if you go for a bigger company with overheads of their own.

Nevertheless, this should be an investment made in order to free your time, get you more orders through the door and allow you to actually carry out the work your business was designed to do.

So, why wouldn’t you?

Well, the obvious answer is lifestyle. Why did you start your own business?

A lot of people don’t work for themselves for a single reason, there are many, but the common trait is it allows you to work with a degree of flexibility and effectively carve out your own path in life.

This is not to say you don’t have this choice when working for somebody else except that when you are your own boss you can steer the ship. Change the company direction, expand and take staff on and diversify what you originally did – in other words you are in control.

So you began as a carpet cleaner, a one man band, you had some recommendations and you were fully booked before you knew it.

So you took some staff on.

Then you found out that you didn’t have enough work for them to go and do their own jobs so they now come with you to yours.

Unless you can justify regular work then its difficult to judge when or not you should be taking on new staff members.

So, another point is that steering the ship and navigating your own unchartered busienss waters comes with responsibilty.

Are you ready for this?

Driving lessons Ellesmere Port

Ellesmere Port Driving School Marketing

Once again I’m diving into the area of driving schools, this time it is for driving lessons in Ellesmere Port for that driving school who are based in and around Ellesmere Port (so it seems).

Would you go with a local Ellesmere Port instructor or choose one from further afield?

This is where good marketing comes in. If you have multiple locations and also want to target local people you need to convince these potential students that you will deliver just as good a job as the local driving school that you are going up against.

National Franchise or Local Driving School?

A lot of driving schools are based upon either one man bands or franchises such as Red or BSM. The jury is out whether these are any good because ultimately it depends upon how good the instructor is and how closely the head office would monitor their franchisees. If they are not too fussed about how exactly their operating procedures are being followed then there may a drop in quality of service, I’m not saying this is true but it a thought that I had based upon personal experience.

A one man band driving school might be good especially if the instructor has a got a good reputation and has taught a lot of people that you know or in the very least can take a recommendation from somebody for.

Good Work, Wins Work

A good sign that a local company is doing well is because they have multiple locations but are not a national driving school franchise. This is why I have singled out this particular company – they caught my eye because they have so many different regional instructors that it is important to understand that this doesn’t happen unless you are doing something right.

It is almost a franchise except that it is not. There must be some local control going on in terms of quality or the school wouldn’t be able to grow and sustain it’s reputation.

So in terms of marketing the reputation based upon customer satisafaction rates and hte tesitmonials of the clients is paramount to winning your next customer and the next and the one after that. It only takes a handful of bad reviews to give any business a bad reputation and this is why I would always look for a company who is not a one man band, not a franchise but is successful at a regional level – to put it simply they are getting it right and they are being portrayed correctly.

If you are a local company, build upon your customer opinion because this will win you more work. Your reputation is everything so use this to your advantage and expand using the the exact same quality of service, ensuring that tight control is kept of your new employees in terms of upholding your reputation.

Marketing Strategies For An Italian Restaurant in Liverpool

This Italian restaurant in Liverpool has some pretty nifty stuff going on when it comes to showing the interior of their restaurant. There is a 360 view of the inside of the restaurant which because the restaurant is so beautiful inside makes it really appealing for potential customers to see where they will be eating.

You can choose your table before you book and plan your evening a little bit better, you can also see what to expect once you arrive in terms of the layout and where you will be sitting, if you are the person making the booking then there is no reason why you couldn’t even pick the seat where you will be sitting and if this is a romantic meal then you can plan things that little bit better, why not pick the table in the corner?

The User Experience of A Restaurant Website

Websites are all about the user experience so no matter where you rank in the search engines or how many instagram followers you have or people following you on Facebook once they are on your website it’s really important to WOW them.

That’s exactly what these guys have done. They have gone one step beyond simply showing off their delicious menu and additionally shown their (most arguably) best asset which is the amazing interior.

Liverpool Based Italian Restaurant With Authenticity

The place itself is based in Liverpool and seems to be a part of an old street where, presumably, the building are old and therefore the restaurant owners have taken the decision to use what they have already and turn it into a contemporary looking Italian restuarant complete with bare brick walls and more.

We say Kudos guys, it really makes us want to pay you a visit but it really doesn’t end there.

What if they didn’t have this little feature? Imagine if you went to a competitors website and now you don’t know what the inside of their restaurant looks like, would you still be just as intrigued to find out? If you have never visited this other restaurant before then you would to an extent be taking a gamble on if you like the place or not, I know I’ve done this before with a Chinese restaurant and walked out before the first course was served because it simply had no atmosphere at all and all of the lights were on with no music and groups of teenagers sat at the tables (I was with my family at the time) staring at us. It turns out that this restaurant has a reputation which I didn’t know about so I was quite disappointed in myself for not checking it out beforehand on TripAdvisor and on their own website.