Marketing Strategies For An Italian Restaurant in Liverpool

This Italian restaurant in Liverpool has some pretty nifty stuff going on when it comes to showing the interior of their restaurant. There is a 360 view of the inside of the restaurant which because the restaurant is so beautiful inside makes it really appealing for potential customers to see where they will be eating.

You can choose your table before you book and plan your evening a little bit better, you can also see what to expect once you arrive in terms of the layout and where you will be sitting, if you are the person making the booking then there is no reason why you couldn’t even pick the seat where you will be sitting and if this is a romantic meal then you can plan things that little bit better, why not pick the table in the corner?

The User Experience of A Restaurant Website

Websites are all about the user experience so no matter where you rank in the search engines or how many instagram followers you have or people following you on Facebook once they are on your website it’s really important to WOW them.

That’s exactly what these guys have done. They have gone one step beyond simply showing off their delicious menu and additionally shown their (most arguably) best asset which is the amazing interior.

Liverpool Based Italian Restaurant With Authenticity

The place itself is based in Liverpool and seems to be a part of an old street where, presumably, the building are old and therefore the restaurant owners have taken the decision to use what they have already and turn it into a contemporary looking Italian restuarant complete with bare brick walls and more.

We say Kudos guys, it really makes us want to pay you a visit but it really doesn’t end there.

What if they didn’t have this little feature? Imagine if you went to a competitors website and now you don’t know what the inside of their restaurant looks like, would you still be just as intrigued to find out? If you have never visited this other restaurant before then you would to an extent be taking a gamble on if you like the place or not, I know I’ve done this before with a Chinese restaurant and walked out before the first course was served because it simply had no atmosphere at all and all of the lights were on with no music and groups of teenagers sat at the tables (I was with my family at the time) staring at us. It turns out that this restaurant has a reputation which I didn’t know about so I was quite disappointed in myself for not checking it out beforehand on TripAdvisor and on their own website.

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