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Here’s another case in point.

If you were looking for example for carpet cleaning Liverpool would you go for the guy at the top or the one with the best reviews?

If you are promoting your own company then you are probably spending more time focusing upon your website than working with your customers, the problem here is that you have to work on your marketing in order to get customers but what happens when you stop?

If your competitors are having fits and stops where they are promoting themselves and then moving on to actually doing the work in their customers homes then the whole industry is somewhat flawed.

So what happens if you assign this task of promotion to somebody who can do it all of the time?

Well the first thing you would need to consider if obviously the cost of doing this as it may cost you a few hundred pound per month for this outside service, especially if you go for a bigger company with overheads of their own.

Nevertheless, this should be an investment made in order to free your time, get you more orders through the door and allow you to actually carry out the work your business was designed to do.

So, why wouldn’t you?

Well, the obvious answer is lifestyle. Why did you start your own business?

A lot of people don’t work for themselves for a single reason, there are many, but the common trait is it allows you to work with a degree of flexibility and effectively carve out your own path in life.

This is not to say you don’t have this choice when working for somebody else except that when you are your own boss you can steer the ship. Change the company direction, expand and take staff on and diversify what you originally did – in other words you are in control.

So you began as a carpet cleaner, a one man band, you had some recommendations and you were fully booked before you knew it.

So you took some staff on.

Then you found out that you didn’t have enough work for them to go and do their own jobs so they now come with you to yours.

Unless you can justify regular work then its difficult to judge when or not you should be taking on new staff members.

So, another point is that steering the ship and navigating your own unchartered busienss waters comes with responsibilty.

Are you ready for this?

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